User Research and Testing

User research is essential to understand users. Observing what people do and how they do it can give us great insight into improving design. We can recommend how you can improve your design and we will provide you with better solutions for your business.

Control room

Ethnographic Research (Field Studies)

We immerse ourselves in your environment and field so we can understand the standard or irregular behaviour patterns in your business.

Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops

We use open and closed interviewing techniques to gather requirements and current user perceptions. Interviews are a great way of discovering user perceptions of a system, company or working practices in their own words.

Focus Group Research

Great for working with specific user groups, i.e. children, the elderly, people with impairments etc. We can recruit and target specific user groups depending on what your needs are.

User Personas and Scenarios

A persona has a background, experience levels and impairment levels and belongs to a demographic. By using this information, we can create a fictional persona, which is a potential and realistic user of a system. We can also create realistic scenarios that persona may experience and can then identify any problems that persona may face. For example, how would an elderly person with poor visual capabilities using assistive technology use a travel website to book a holiday?